Visitors from primary school

by Diane on 08/04/2014

We’re living at a prime holiday destination, so you might think that we have visitors staying with us all the time. But quite the opposite is the case – it looks like New Zealand is a little bit too far away for most European people to travel. You can also add that a lot of people we know have children and don’t want to travel too far with them (yeah, we’re in that age bracket), which makes visitors a rare and therefore very special occasion.

Sandra & Marc and the awesome dinner they made for us.

In February we had one of these rare occasions – my friend Marc (who I went to primary school with) and his girlfriend Sandra came to Wellington. They were on a tour around the world and had already spent a few weeks in New Zealand. Unfortunately they missed Kai, who was in Australia at the time, but we had a couple of great days together. They were here over Waitangi day, which means that I had a full day to show them around. We covered the prime touristy spots (Mt Victoria, Massey memorial, Lyall Bay), before they explored the Makara Peak mountain bike park just around the corner from us on the following day. A Fringe show rounded up their visit before they continued their trip up north.

At Massey memorial.

The time with them felt way too short, and since Kai had missed out completely, we decided to meet Marc and Sandra again in Auckland, just before they left NZ to continue on their world tour. We rented a cute apartment and had two more awesome days (this time with Kai!), only overshadowed by Marc being sick and having to stay at the apartment for most of the time there. Well, I guess for him it was better to get sick while still in NZ, rather than on a plane to their next destination.

Devenport with Auckland in the background.



christmonkey April 9, 2014 at 10:10 am

Sounds like it was a lot of fun catching up again. They were both so friendly and a real pleasure to meet.

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