World tour – part 1 (Germany & Boston)

by Diane on 13/10/2012

A daily photo on the blog seems to suck all blogging energy out of me for a little while after the challenge has finished.

However, I’m back on board, I think. Obviously there won’t be daily updates, but at least I’ll try to report back on any major events.

One thing I haven’t mentioned in detail yet is our holiday/work tour we did in May this year. We started off to Germany via Singapore for me to attend and speak at the German conference for information architecture (IA Konferenz).

Around this event I obviously had to see at least a few of the people who are most important to me. Unfortunately there was hardly any spare time I could have spent with anyone, so I was super happy when my godchild Marie and her family met us at the shopping mall to follow us around while picking up stuff to send home to New Zealand. I’m also glad JJ came over from the UK to stay in the same hotel as we did so we could have dinner together. It’s amazing what good friends are happy to do just to spend a little time with us. I love them very much for that!

Playground fun at the shopping mall with Marie.

Having cocktails with JJ.

Next stop on our tour was Boston. I really liked Boston. It’s a bit laid back, full of friendly people and the historic significance of the place for the US gives it a very special vibe. Our friend Ed got us tickets for a baseball game, so we spent one night with him and his lovely wife Anna watching what seems to be a little bit like Cricket on steroids.

On our last morning in Boston I jumped on the train that goes to Wonderland. I was intrigued by the signage at the train station every time we got there, and when Kai had to do some work before checking out of our hotel, I just hopped on the train and walked around Wonderland for a little while. Which is as far away from how you would imagine Wonderland to be as possible…

Our first ever baseball game, with Anna & Ed.

The train to Wonderland.

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