100 happy days – recap

by Diane on 22/04/2014

As you know, during the last 100 days I took a photo of something that made me happy every day and posted it on Instagram. Here’s a gallery of all the 100 pictures I took:

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There are quite a few things I’ve learnt about myself during these 100 days:

  • I’m usually a quite happy person. It takes a lot to really make me grumpy. There was only one single day where I thought “I really don’t know what to post tonight”, but then I looked around and spotted something that made me smile. It might have been the fire going on a cold day, or Max purring by my feet. I think it’s quite impressive that it was only one in 100 days.
  • It was a good 100 days. I was pain free, the weather was mostly good, Kai was around (and not traveling for weeks as he does regularly), I’m enjoying my current work tremendously, and everyone I love seems to be doing well, or at least ok, at the moment. It would probably be interesting to see what a bad run of 100 days looks like, but I’d rather not try that.
  • There are recurring themes of things that make me happy: cats, chickens, my garden, Kai (and people I love in general). If you ever see me in a bad mood, just hand me an animal or get me to the next playground – I’ll be happy again in no time.
  • I didn’t take pictures of some of the most awesome things I did. I guess I tend to live the moment, rather than getting out the camera when happiness happens. Some of the photos might look like I never do anything interesting, but there were lots of times where I had great catch-ups with friends, went playing mini golf on a pirate themed course, had a number of lunches and afternoon teas at Maranui Cafe, did walks by the sea, and heaps more. But there’s no photo proof, because I simply didn’t get the camera out. This is also true for the very last picture, number 100. I had this great plan in my head to take a selfie with Nick, who as usual has been my partner in crime for this task. It would have potentially been the greatest photo on earth, but I totally forgot about it when we drove home together after work, and when we went to the park running late in the afternoon. But I guess it’s a good thing that I enjoy each moment, without necessarily waving the camera around all the time.


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