I’ve been writing for some German magazines for a while (since 2003, to be precise) and thought it would be nice to have a list of all of them available on one page. Feel free to browse through them, but be aware that they’re all in German. Google Translate usually does a good job in converting them into English, but some things might sound a bit funny in their translated version.

I won’t be able to add them all in one go, but I’ll add them over the next couple of weeks/months/years.

All the articles below have been published by iX – Magazin für professionelle Informationstechnik both in print and online.

Here we go:


Movie Stars – Video-Apps mit Mehrwert

Sometimes the built-in video players on your iOS- or Android device simply aren’t enough. Check out these alternatives, which will play any file format and in some cases even let you add subtitle files to your movies.

Kia Ora – Mit Neuseeland auf Du und Du

You’re planning a trip to New Zealand? Perfect! It’s the best place in the World, with Wellington being the coolest little capital on the planet. Make sure you add the right apps to your tablet or smartphone, and enjoy the holiday of a lifetime.


Party machen – Feste vorbereiten und feiern

It’s your party and you want it to be perfect – let these apps help you.

Fossilien – Dinosaurier – wie sie leibten und lebten

From Jurassic Park to meeting dinos in augmented reality; these app infos tell you everything you need to know about stegosaurs, triceratops, diplodocus or t-rex.

Fossilien – Dinosaurier – wie sie leibten und lebten

From Jurassic Park to meeting dinos in augmented reality; these app infos tell you everything you need to know about stegosaurs, triceratops, diplodocus or t-rex.

Systemaufwertung – Kamera-Apps für Mobilgeräte

Built-in cameras of mobile devices are nice, but their true potential is only unleashed with a good app. Increasing your phone’s camera’s capabilities, add fancy filters or geo-data – in this article you meet the best apps to help you show your true creativity.

Back to the Future – Retrospiele for Tables and Smartphones

From platform emulators to give you an experience straight from the 1970s and 80s (Atari, C64, Gameboy) to classic games like “Monkey Island” or “Frogger”, mobile devices can take you straight down memory lane.

Durstlöscher – Vom H2O bis zum Mai Tai

Water, smoothie, coffee, wine – if it’s drinkable, it’s covered by this article. Find apps to track your water intake or get help putting the healthiest smoothie together. Keep an inventory of the different wines you’ve tried and rate them if you liked them (or if you didn’t).

Faltkunst – Kunstwerke mit Origami schaffen

Most people have folded a paper crane before, but there is so much more to origami than just birds. Airplanes, zoo animals or random shapes made from money, these App infos help you get started with the paper folding technique if you’re a beginner, or help you improve your skills if you are an experienced folder.

Anpfiff – Rund um die Fußball-WM in Brasilien

Be prepared for the football (or soccer – depending on what you call it) world championship in Brazil. Know the teams and don’t miss a goal – these apps for your mobile device will help you to stay on top of what’s going on.

Naturfreund – Apps für Vogelliebhaber

Bird watching and identification of our feathered friends – everything the hobby ornithologist needs in their pocket.

On-the-Go – Sprachen lernen jenseits der Schulbank

School happened a long time ago, and yet there are many reasons to still pick up a new language. Check out which apps help you learn without it becoming a chore.

Heldentaten – Was Freemium-Spiele zu bieten haben

The Simpsons Tapped Out, New Star Soccer or Pocket Planes – what’s the hype behind some of the freemium games? Are they fun to play or are they just after your real life money?

Sparfüchse – Einkaufen mit Onlinehilfe

Online shopping with smartphone or table? Is it convenient and delightful, or is it a usability nightmare? And the most important question: are there bargains to be made?


Für alle und jeden – Soziale Nischen-Netzwerke

Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are for everyone, but what if you’re a member of a small minority and keen to use a specialised social network? This article looks at various niche networks, including apps for dog owners, guitar players, hardcore book readers and parents.

Brief-Deko – Nachrichten persönlich gestalten

Getting tired of boring emails and text message? Adding cute designs and fancy fonts to your messages has never been that easy. This article reviews some of the best apps to make your words stand out.

Stiefelknechte – Helfer für Italien-Reisende

Traveling to Italia, but no idea where to go, what to see, and how to communicate? Don’t worry, this issue of App Infos gives you an overview of helpful apps for Android and iOS devices.

Früh übt sich – Spiele für den Nachwuchs

There are plenty of games out there for iOS and Android devices, but which one is right for my toddler? What kind of activity will keep a 3-year old occupied for a while, but will at the same time be educating and challenging? This article from the series of App Infos is looking at some of the most popular, but also some not quite so well knows apps for little people.

Leid Tragende – Mobile Schmerztagebücher

Pain tracking can play an important role in pain management. These apps help to keep an eye on pain development over time.

Kulturtipps – Ratgeber für Hobbygärtner

Fruit & vegetables, pests and tips for the perfect compost – all the apps an eager gardener needs to own.

Sportsfreunde – Fitness-Apps als Motivator

Let your smartphone help you getting fit – all the apps you need to stay on target.

Nota Bene – Digitale Notizbücher

The best applications for iOS and Android to take notes on the go.


Terminsache – Projektarbeit auch unterwegs

Increase your productivity while working on larger projects. Includes a review of kanban board apps.

Malzeit – Apps für die Bildbearbeitung

Any app you need to own for personal or professional image manipulation (from Instagram via PhotoToaster to Adobe’s Photoshop).

Appgespeist – Mobile Helfer beim Kochen und Backen

All the mobile apps you need for successful adventures in your kitchen.

Alles für die Katz – Katzen verstehen und unterhalten

Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices for cat owners, cat lovers and cats themselves.

Zu den olympischen Sommerspielen – Alle vier Jahre wieder

iOS and Android-Apps for fans of the olympic games in London, including event guides, statistics and games.

Ei, Ei, Ei – Ostern richtig feiern

Everything you need to know about Easter: how the Easter fox turned into a bunny, why eggs are so popular around that time and how to colour them without having to buy commercial products.

Pfui Spinne – Nutztiere oder Ungeheuer

Spiders – all there is about the creepy creatures: fact sheets, how they spin their nets under the influence of drugs (including caffein!) and statements from vacuum cleaner manufactures if spiders can survive being sucked up by a hoover.

Secret Service – Geheimdienste: Aufgaben und Karrierechancen

What do Secret Service agencies do, how did they get set up in the first place, and what do I need to become a secret agent?

Minirocking – Roller Derby: Trendsport aus den USA

History and rules of roller derby, movies featuring the sport and a diary of some ‘fresh meat’ (that’s what new players are called). My co-author Kai König and I even managed to mention Wellington’s own Richter City Roller Derby League in this article, yay!


Spucken verboten – Singapur: Inselstaat mit Eigenheiten

Changi airport, great hotels, best shopping guide and an introduction to the ‘Singlish’ language – all you need to know about Singapore.

Visionäre – Das Vor und Zurück in die Zukunft

From Jules Verne via ‘The Internet in 1969’ to the depressing future of melting alpes – visions of the future from the past and from today.

Neues Lebensgefühl – Vespa: ein Kultgefährt aus Italien

History of Vespa manufacturing and advertising, a trip from Hamburg to Cape Town by scooter and an overview of all Vespa models ever produced.

Big Brother – Zum Wie und Wo der Webcams

Great webcams around the world: watch chickens, goats or falcons, blow bubbles remotely or set up your own webcam at home – this article explains how to do it all.

Freie Wortwahl – Theorie und Praxis der Sprachen

How did languages evolve, why isn’t Esperanto more popular and how cool is it that sign language is official language in New Zealand? This article, again written together with Kai König, even goes into philosophic aspects of languages.

Alles bio – Ökologisch leben in Stadt und Land

Organic food – where to get it from, what’s important to know, and why it matters. This article also covers the topic of sustainability of eating animal to a certain extend.

Magische Monokel – Der Alltag mit Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality: how it works, why it’s popular and how to get the best experience.

Ächz! – Rückenschmerzen: Ursachen und Behandlungsmethoden

Back pain: where it comes from, how to prevent the pain, and what to do when the back hurts badly.

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