100 happy days

by Diane on 12/01/2014

After 30 days of me, Foto Feb, and September Snaps (which are all aaaaages ago) it’s time for another do-something-daily challenge.

This time, Nick (my usual partner in crime for these kind of things, and the perfect motivator to keep me going) and I decided to join the #100happydays challenge. Over the course of 100 days, starting tomorrow, we’ll take a photo of something that made us happy every day.

The main purpose of #100happydays is not only to raise awareness for the beauty of life, but also to pause and appreciate the moment, the environment & ourselves.

I’ve originally seen it on Twitter, posted by some of my  work colleagues, so it’ll be extra fun this time, since I know others who are taking part (I can see morning teas discussing the latest happy moments in my near future).

This blog doesn’t seem to be the right medium for a daily photo for 100 days, and we fear that the individual pictures could get lost amongst other posts if we used Twitter, so we’ll post our happy moments over at Instagram (I’m blauerpunto on Instagram, and Nick’s user name is christ_monkey). Please follow along, or join in yourself – it’ll sure be fun! You can also do it on Facebook or Tumblr, if Twitter or Instagram are not your thing.


Sue Tyler (@styler) January 12, 2014 at 7:38 pm

Totally doing this
if i knew how to create a tumbler that could also work

this is a fantastic idea

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