September Snaps – Day 7 (Aktenzeichen XY)

by Diane on 07/09/2012

After a pretty busy week we’re spending the night at home in front of the fire, happy that we don’t have to leave the house and face the strong winds that are currently dancing around in the darkness.

Is there anything better than watching Aktenzeichen XY …ungelöst on a night like this?

Aktenzeichen XY is a German tv programme that’s older than I am – it has been around since 1967. It’s a show that aims to combat and solve crimes, a bit similar to Police Ten 7 in New Zealand. The police is asking the audience to throw light on unsolved cases by showing short clips of reconstructed real crime. If you know where a wanted criminal is currently staying, or who this unknown dead person is, you can call the studio and help solving the case.

I have loved this show since a very young age (yes, you wonder what my parents were thinking when they let me watch real crime after 8PM as a child!) and don’t usually miss a screening. Nowadays we record each episode via Bong TV – we’re pretty much holding on to our subscription purely for Aktenzeichen XY and Tatort.

So tonight is Aktenzeichen XZ night. I already know from checking the website that the bastard child abuser from this episode (an idiot who proudly filmed his face, distinctive tattoos and parts of his apartment) has already been caught – hope he’ll burn in hell.

Here’s what we’re watching:

Aktenzeichen XY …ungelöst in front of the fire.

mjl September 15, 2012 at 2:50 am

Aktenzeichen XY is (or at least was, no idea how it’s nowadays) much more gruesome than Police Ten-7. I still remember having seen XY as a kid (around 9yo or so) and then having nightmares about a dismembered female body… Watching Ten-7 makes me think the worst crime in NZ are liquor shops getting robbed for a bottle of gin.

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