September Snaps – Day 21 (Kürtőskalács)

by Diane on 22/09/2012

Wellington has its very own little night market. Every Friday night Left Bank turns into a multi-cultural hot spot with stalls that sell clothes, the smell of ethnic food, and performances that are sometimes nice and sometimes pretty awful.

Kai and I have been there a few times before, alone and with friends, and since the very first time I wanted to try kürtőskalács (or chimney cake), an Hungarian speciality. They make them by hand inside a little caravan, and there’s always long waiting times to get one. I’m sure Kai would have waited with me, but somehow I always thought of these chimney cakes as something so special that I wanted to share the experience with someone who is equally passionate when it comes to desserts/cakes/sweet stuff. So I sent the Wikipedia link for the kürtőskalács to Nick a couple of weeks ago, and he was so excited about the article and photos, that I decided that he is worthy to be the one to share this experience with.

And tonight was the night! After a movie (Ruby Sparks – totally worth watching) we went to the market and had chimney cakes! They are covered in awesome things; we chose almonds and cinnamon.

Here they are:


The were fantastic! They were so fantastic that we both had to post the same photo for today! Nick’s post about the chimney cakes also has a link to a YouTube clip on how they are made. Make sure you watch that too.

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