September Snaps – Day 15 (More birthday celebrations)

by Diane on 16/09/2012

We’re still in Kai’s birthday week, so Bex and Nick prepared a special airplane themed birthday afternoon/evening for him.

He got:

  • an airplane cake
  • toy planes as presents
  • awesome dinner (not plane themed, cooked by Nick & me)
  • a special ‘Kai’s birthday edition’ of Buzz (with lots of questions around flying, but also with about around our friends/parents/life).

Best airplane cake ever (and super tasty too!).

We had a great time, it was super fun. Especially seeing Kai’s face when he noticed that the Buzz questions were specifically for him.

Thank you so much Bex & Nick for everything today!

Teresa Buckthought September 16, 2012 at 11:02 am

Such an amazing cake!

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