September Snaps – Day 27 (App testing)

by Diane on 27/09/2012

I’ve spent my whole evening in front of the fire, testing apps for an upcoming App-Infos article.

I had Max purring by my side and allowed for the occasional interruption whenever it was my turn in SongPop*.

That’s why today’s picture is a photo of some of the apps I’m testing. I couldn’t get all the testing done tonight, since Kai took our Android phone overseas, but at least I got some work out of the way. Watch out for the article in iX next month (if you can’t read German: Google translate is your friend)!

App testing (note: fire and cat not shown in picture).

*Do you play SongPop? You should totally play SongPop with me…

Nick September 27, 2012 at 10:21 pm

Interruption? :-)

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