September Snaps – Day 26 (Under water)

by Diane on 26/09/2012

Today I had to try out the under water functions of my new camera.

I met a friend for coffee at lunch time, so the regular trip out to Oriental Parade couldn’t happen. Instead we did a little detour on the way home after work and stopped at Owhiro Bay to take some pictures.

Dipping the camera into the water for the first time felt incredibly wrong. All my life I have been trained to be super-careful with cameras near water, and suddenly sinking them into the ocean is allowed. But it didn’t take long and the concerns turned into real excitement and some cool experiments with the lens half inside and half outside the water.

I love  my new camera!

Under water and above water.

Nick September 27, 2012 at 10:23 pm

Great first underwater shot! All that’s missing is some sealife swimming by.

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