Foto Feb – Day 6 (Sunday coffee)

by Diane on 06/02/2012

Today’s image demonstrates a problem I seem to have on every single day during Foto Feb: I can take 25 photos of the same thing/person, and none of them look anywhere near good.

This morning I took my scooter out for a ride to meet Nick and Leo for a coffee in Miramar. Since this was most likely going to be the most photo-worthy event of the day, I decided to take a bunch of pictures to give me some choice for this blog post. So I took four photos of myself, Leo and Nick while we had coffee. Not a single one is good enough to make the cut for today’s post.

  1. Leo is looking away, I’m half cut off.
  2. Not getting any better at pointing – this time I’m not even in the pic.
  3. Definitely best shot of Nick & Leo, and even I’m looking ok-ish, but it’s blurry (when’s Photoshop deblurring feature coming out???)
  4. Strange colours, but apart from me being cross-eyed actually a kind-of-ok photo of me and Nick. But if only one photo was published in this post, there’s no way I could choose this one out of respect for Leo. The internet never forgets, and I would probably have to start looking for a hiding place to flee to when he turns into a teenager and his class mates start googling each other (or whatever type of search we will use by then).

So, there you are: a series of awful photos of truly awesome people. I wonder if I’ll get better at it towards the end of the month.

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Iris February 6, 2012 at 8:16 pm

I’d go with number 3 – you’re not trying to win some award for the perfect foto, are you? As long as I “feel the beat” in it, even some blurriness doesn’t bother me (but it’s good you’re trying, just don’t get angry with yourself) Hugs, Iris

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