Foto Feb – Day 20 (Playground fun)

by Diane on 20/02/2012

I moved desks at work this morning, so a picture of my new ‘home’ would have been a great picture for today. Unfortunately I only kept talking about taking a photo, and in the end forgot about it. Might be an idea to keep in mind for tomorrow.

So here’s what I did after work: Often when I get a ride home from Nick on good weather days, we stop by a playground and spend some time doing the fun things you do on a playground. Because it would be very awkward if two adults were doing that all by themselves, we usually pick up Leo on the way and use him as an excuse for playground time. We did it again today, and even though it doesn’t look like it in the photo, Leo really enjoyed it. He even took his very first own photo with my camera, but it was more like a ‘yeah sure, if you ask me nicely I’ll take a photo of daddy’ generous gesture – I was certainly more excited about the excellent picture he took than he was.

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