Foto Feb

by Diane on 31/01/2012

Remember “30 Days of Me“? In September and October 2010 I took part in this fun challenge where you received 30 prompts to write about – to reveal details about the life you live, the friends you love and the music you listen to. It was fun taking part and it kind of forced me to blog something every day.

Just recently I convinced my friend Nick to do the exact same challenge, and it has been great fun reading his answers. Now that his 30 Days challenge has successfully been completed, we started wondering if we should come up with something else which would encourage us to blog every day. And while I would love to do the whole 30 Days of Me thing again to compare how I would answer the questions today – some things have changed, some topics I would write more about, I have more photos I could add to the posts, etc – but I really can’t commit to a full blown blog post every day. It’s summer after all, and I don’t spend much time at home in front of the computer these days.

This is how Foto Feb was born! During the whole month of February, Nick and I will post a photo of something that happened during the day every day on our blogs. There won’t be many words around it, just a sentence or two to give you some context. Some of it will be exciting such as summer parties, BBQs, beach days, pics of friends or food, animals, cute kids, lunch times in the sun, mini holidays, a wedding (!) and plenty of more awesomeness. But be prepared to also find boring work related images like business meetings, my desk at the office or walks in the rain.

I hope you’re looking forward to it. I certainly am!

Iris January 31, 2012 at 11:17 pm

Of course I’m looking forward to it – great idea, and one month seems to be reasonable – a number of friends tried that with a whole year of commitment and that never lasted long ;)
Big hug, Iris

John Koch February 3, 2012 at 11:42 pm

I love seeing your photos. I have friends in Nelson I want to visit. One day in 2012 I hope! Hugs!

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