Bye-bye old job, hello new job

by Diane on 25/03/2013

Those familiar with NZ politics will know that my beloved Department of Building and Housing has been merged with three other organisations to form a ‘Super Ministry’. This saw my work place grow from a small, friendly, modern, reasonably agile organisation into… well… into MBIE.

I don’t want to go into much detail about the changes, but quite quickly it was clear for me that I didn’t belong there much longer. Luckily my role was disestablished, and although a new role with the exact same job title was established (and I was asked to fill the position in an acting capacity with the prospect of getting it confirmed as a permanent position later in the process) I managed to negotiate my way out. Friday was my last day at the Ministry.

I didn’t expect my last two days to be too sad – after all the job I enjoyed and many of the people I loved working with had long gone. And for most of the time I just felt very happy to be leaving. But in the end I had to shed a few tears: when I was given a pretty notebook full of nice words by the people I loved to work with, when I gave a final hug to the lovely person I used to manage, when I looked back to my empty desk before the door closed behind me one last time.

What’s next?

First of all, I’ll have a whooping two weeks off! No old job to worry about anymore, and there’s nothing in the new job to worry about just yet. I have a couple of things planned:

  • a few home and garden projects
  • an opshopping trip up the coast with Nick
  • hopefully I’ll get some more eggs from my lovely hens for dying before Easter
  • gaming at the International TableTop Day
  • having an Easter party at Ross & Shelley’s
  • some online training courses in preparation for the new job
  • and probably much, much more.

After that I’ll join the brilliant team at BizTech at their New Zealand office. I’m really looking forward to the change in pace, to a positive can-do attitude and an agile environment. But my move to a private sector company won’t mean that I’ll be out of touch with the public sector completely – I’ll still be looking after government clients as part of my role. Can’t wait to get started!

Trees March 26, 2013 at 8:19 pm

Yah! I am so happy you’ve found a new job you’re happy about:) See you at Ross & Shelley’s. If you and Nick ever want someone else to join in on your op shopping adventures let me know :D

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