Japan 2015 – A day in Ōsaka

by Diane on 27/02/2016

We stayed at an awesome apartment in Tokyo for the whole time we were in Japan, but for one day we took a day trip to Ōsaka. This was definitely one of the highlights of the trip, but nor for the usual touristy reasons.

During our 2013 trip to Munich my nephew Stefan and I had a chat about Japan. He was totally into all things Japanese at the time and dreaming about visiting the country one day. Pragmatic as I am, I suggested he should go to school in Japan for a year to experience the country in a true way. Looking back on my own life, not traveling and experiencing different cultures when I was super young is the one thing I regret not having done. So why should he be making the same mistake? His questions about how to pay for it and where to get started I answered with something along the lines of “If you really want this, you’ll figure it out.” Ahh, wise words from aunty Diane…

Fast forward 2 years, and Kai and I were sitting on a shinkansen, on the way to see Stefan. Yep, he really did it. I can never remember the place he ended up staying, but travel time wise Ōsaka was pretty much in the middle, so we met there. We picked him up from the bus terminal and spent an amazing time together.

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  • shopped like mad at the Pokemon Centre (see more pictures over at Tales from the Tummy)
  • had Thai lunch (the restaurant was close by when I started getting hangry)
  • visited Don Quixote (an enormous shop that sells everything, cheap)
  • made rainbow candles at the German Christmas market
  • went to a gigantic electronic store
  • had afternoon tea at a the fantastic Cafe Cante Grande.

And just like that we had to drop Stefan back that the bus terminal and hurry to catch our train back to Tokyo. Such a fantastic fun day – how can it be that time only ever flies when you’re spending it with special people?


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