Foto Feb – Day 28 (Cemetery)

by Diane on 28/02/2012

Feeling better today, but still not super healthy. So I decided to skip gym tonight and walk half of the way home. The walk takes me along the Memorial Trail at Bolton Street Memorial Park and the lower parts of the Botanic Gardens. In the cemetery I came across a tree which has these funny looking cones on its branches. I think they totally look like fluffy little birds with massive fringes, so you can’t see their eyes. I absolutely love them.

And because it’s almost the last day of Foto Feb, here’s a bonus pic:

This is the burial vault towards the end of the Memorial Trail, if you follow the recommended path through the park. The rectangle you can see on the lawn is where 3,700 early settlers were reinterred in a vault after they had been exhumed from their original graves. This happened in the 1960s, when Wellington’s motorway was built and the old cemetery was kind of in the way. Nowadays the cemetery is split in two parts, which are linked by a footbridge.

jj February 28, 2012 at 11:41 pm

Remember walking past this every day on the way to and from work. There’s a gravestone of someone that died from a shark attack in the harbour and also it’s interesting that some of the headstones of settlers include the name of the ship they arrived on.

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